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The Little Things Project (January 2020)

Back in 2016, my roommates and I came up with the concept of "It's the Little Things" wall. There was a plethora of things to be upset about in college; however, one day one of my roommates said one little thing they were grateful for that day, and someone else jokingly jumped in with, "It's the little things."

A photo of me in front of "The Little Things Wall" in October 2016

What became a joke became a wall. We would each write down something small that kept us going that day, and we physically stuck it to the wall in the common room. There was no explanation behind our tiny stickies, but it was always fun to guess who wrote what. It was fun to contribute to the wall, and share that, yes, sometimes college sucks the life out of you, but there's always some reason to keep pushing forward. If you can find even the smallest thing in a single day to be happy and grateful, it fuels the want to find something the next day. To be honest, I keep my favorite stickies from that school year just to remind me how much I loved that little thing in which we were all involved in in some capacity. I loved that wall; that picture on the left is me in front of the wall in October 2016.

I really wanted to start the project up again in my own room. Some days it's really hard to find things to be thankful for; I mean, not to sound spoiled, but it's easy to forget that I'm healthy. It's easy to forget I'm sleeping in a comfortable bed, and I have good people in my life. It's easy to get hung up on the things that aren't instead of the things that are. My friend, Olivia, bought me a planner for my birthday, and inside it makes you list one thing that you're grateful for each day. I mean, it's no sticky note, but I'm finding reasons every day as to why I should be grateful; however, I've decided to revive this "little things" wall. I'm not physically posting a sticky, but I'm posting my reasons to be grateful. Hopefully, reader, you are inspired to participate and find a reason every day to name one good thing that happened in your day. Just like when my roommates and I were filling out that post on a tiny sticky, we didn't have the room to go into detail. We didn't have to explain why what we chose made us grateful; we just accepted it--asked questions later if we really wanted to know. I'm sticking to the concept that I don't have to over-explain myself. Without further ado, here are my 31 reasons for gratefulness for the 31 days in January.

1. My walk with my mom.

2. A tangerine came in my protein pack, and it was a happy surprise.

3. The song I recorded today sounded lovely.

4. My run today didn't give me a headache...knowing worth

5. My body cannot wait to go back to the gym.

6. My hair being softer, longer, and more brunette.

7. Ray is a wonderful, caring friend.

8. My bed is comfy.

9. Answers so I can move on.

10. A good play with good company.

11. A good writing day & new projects!

12. I had such a full day! Reading-->work-->gym-->music

13. Kindness of people today!

14. Going out and auditioning.

15. My vinyl from Ray.

16. Making something of my evening.

17. Going out & performing

18. Book recommendations from Jim.

19. My exercises and my core is stronger!

20. My work week is over.

21. Holocaust program was insightful.

22. Most productive day in a long time.

23. Full day.

24. Sometimes honesty makes things better.

25. Songs taking new memories.

26. Long naps.

27. I took my prettiest picture of the year.

28. Rehearsal in French.

29. Retail therapy and friends.

30. Manchester by the Sea was so calming. I pet 8 dogs.

31. Reconnecting with friends and old friends.

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