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The Full Story


Passion drove me to turn an idea into actions. 

When I was fourteen, I began making videos and labeling them as part of "LifegavemeLemons Productions". I realized that, although I did not receive many views, I was making myself happy. I was sparking the creative side of myself in order to make content. 

As a college graduate, I have met so many people with the same passion. I am so inspired by the people who are passionate about what they put out in the world. I met a lot of people who inspire me to push myself to create more, to appreciate the simple things more, to stretch more, to do more more.

I have many passions. I love to make music. I love to act. I love to run. I love to imagine myself becoming a master at breathing. I love to cook food. All of these things make me happy. All of these things provide some sort of relief from the stress of everyday I created this website. 

I wanted to create a site where I incorporated a community and showed what makes them happy. There are so many outlets of stress relief. There are so many ways to be happy. I wanted to create a space where all passions are accepted and explored. 

Enjoy the site. Remember, lemons aren't the worst thing that life could give you. 

                             -Anneliese Riedel Beaulieu 

                                 Founder of LifegavemeLemons

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