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The Music Behind "Lemonade"

The sweet musical ingredients that make a podcast

Man Listening to Headphones

"Lemonade" would like to give credit to the artists who created the music that was used during the podcast. Without the music, the podcast would lose a bit of its soul. Support these artists by following them on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc. and make sure to look out for new music!

Episode 1: Have Some Lemonade

Downtime - RYDN 


To Tour the Moon- Anneliese Riedel (RYDN Remix) 

Heat - RYDN, Anneliese Riedel (FOUNDRS Remix) 

My Trigger - Miike Snow (RYDN Remix) ***

Corrosion - Anneliese Riedel (Jakk'D Remix) 

***Not available on Spotify

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