Why I Moved Back to My College Town

September 7, 2018

Yesterday I turned 23! 


I honestly have to say it was one of my favorite birthdays because I spent that day as well as the day before with family and people I really care about. I'm excited to say that I get to continue the festivities tonight with some other friends. Twenty-three has a nice ring to it. "Hi. Yes, I'm twenty-three. I drink smoothies that have natural ingredients in them because I'm twenty-three. I'm twenty-three, and I'm still young, but goodness, remember when I was twenty-one?" I like the sound of twenty-three. "It's the year of me because I'm twenty-three." 


Turning a new age is refreshing...maybe scary? I get to reflect on the past year, but I also pump myself up for this new age! A lot of changes are happening this September. For one, I'm moving. Two, my sister is getting married and that has been occupying a lot of my family's time.


Last night, I spent my first night in my new apartment. I've officially moved back to my college town! Although I'm not all set up in my room, I love having my furniture here and some other knick-knacks.


I've been asked multiple times why I want to move back to the city where I already spent the last few years as an undergraduate student. Here is my reasoning: if you read my last post (The Social Media Trap) you know I have very big dreams. I consider myself to be very ambitious. If you follow me on any social media platform, you know I've been working on music in addition to my other job. I moved back because I wanted to be closer to Boston so I could audition more. I wanted to be around people who could potentially be very beneficial to me in the music area. I wanted a room where I could finagle with lyrics, music, and even content for this website. I wanted to create an environment for myself where I had no choice but to be create. I no longer have any time constraints because I'm not studying for exams or going to classes. In addition, this apartment is also closer to where I work so that's definitely a bonus. 


 Don't get me wrong, I love my house back home because I spent so much of my time recording music there. I had a small space where I could play music as late as I wanted.  My family is there. My dog is there. However, I tend to get really sidetracked (as can happen anywhere). I know how I work. I know that I need a space to create, and with my new room in my apartment I get to create that space. I now have a space where there are no distractions. Now that I cannot find those distractions, I must do something productive to fill my time. 


*Sidenote: I was sitting down at my keyboard today to practice, and guess who forgot the cable at home? I'm pretty bummed about it--but here I am writing this post instead. Productive. 


I looked at my September move as an investment in my future self. That's my birthday present to myself. Hope. 


Happy Friday! 




***If you haven't listened to my cover of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros "40 Day Dream", here it is. 












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